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Afro-Americans™ is a New York City based digital magazine that covers discussions surrounding Black culture, lifestyle & personal stories. It was established as an alternative digital media brand with a dedicated focus on the Black American community in a different way. Our aim is to produce content and discussions that differ from the usual themes of racism and celebrity gossip. We hope you enjoy it. Contact us, we'd love to hear your feedback!

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One of the things I dislike about Indeed's website is that even though my resume is attached to my profile and employers can see it when I'm applying for jobs, I still have to fill out an application to the companies external website. It just feels redundant.

Afro-Americans™ StaffWhat I Dislike About

So Google fired its entire Python team. I'm not surprised at all. In fact I think more companies will follow in their footstep if they haven't done so already.

Afro-Americans™ StaffGoogle Fires Entire Python Team

Of all the fast food restaurants McDonalds is the biggest joke. A burger, fries and a drink cost $15 at McDonalds. I purchased 2 burgers, 2 small fries, 8 chicken nuggets and 2 chocolate frosties (don't judge me) at Wendys in Manhattan and it cost $12 and some change.

Afro-Americans™ StaffMcDonald's Insane Menu Prices